Well folks, I am just going to apologize upfront.  I am about to intentionally fail in a mission that I set for myself, and I am ok with that.  When I started this blog, I knew that it could very easily just turn into a mindless bitch session about things that irritate me, and I didn’t want it to.  So I made it my goal to provide only useful information or uplifting thoughts as much as I could.  I think most days this leads to a good product for you all to enjoy.

Today is not going to be one of those days.  Today I am angry, and since addressing that anger at those people that rightfully deserve it would probably count as sending threatening letters, I will take care of that here, in my own forum.

So what’s going on?

The township of Williamstown in Michigan has broken it’s word to a resident.  The government lied to you, shocker.  This woman was specifically looking for a place that she could homestead.  She wanted to have the dream that I have, and the dream that many of us have, of being able to raise her own food.  Before she bought her property, she checked with the township.  They said her property would be fine for what she wanted to do.  Shockingly enough, they have decided to go against their own rules, and have ordered her to cease operation.  This family is doing what more of us should, she is fighting back.

There is really no need for me to recount the issue in it’s entirety.  You can read an article from the Lansing Post here, as well as a detailed blog from Jessica Hudon here.  At least read the blog post, she does an excellent job of explaining all that she has worked on.

Have we really come so far as a country, that we are actively seeking to punish people for doing the right thing?  This isn’t about shouting dirty words in public, or hanging up paintings with feces, or smoking dope in the street, or any of that other bullshit that gets the fake freedom lovers up and waving.  To them freedom isn’t about being free, it’s about being shocking.  If you have shocked someone, you are a protected class.

No, this is about actual freedom.  It’s about the freedom to do as you please with your own property.  A tenant that used to be sacred in this country.  It’s about the freedom to feed ourselves and our families as we see fit.  It’s about the freedom to live independent of a system of control.  Control on the very food that we put into our mouths.  Food that is purposely being tampered with.  Food that is more and more proving toxic to the very people that are supposed to be nourished by it.

This is not an isolated incident.  A front yard garden was destroyed in Tulsa Oklahoma, despite being up to code.  This was a sick woman who used the fresh foods to treat a variety of ailments of hers.  A friend of my very own community, Witch’s Way Homestead, was just forced to give up her animals.  A woman who was using these animals to help pull herself and those around here off of food stamps.  Isn’t that what this country is all about?  Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and improving your life?

This is what we are left with?  A government that is so lost in it’s own self delusion that it reckons itself the infinite master of all time and space?  Governments all across the country are flat broke.  They can’t afford the games they insist on playing, yet they are addicted to the power.  They simply cannot stop.  To stop would admit that they are irrelevant, and they we were able to survive for hundreds of years without the programs they insist we need.

We are at the very fragile beginnings of an American Renaissance.   We are remembering who we are, and what we came from.  We are remembering what it was like to do for ourselves, and look out over a field of our own accomplishment.  We are remembering what it was like to be free, and you know what, a good many of us are willing to fight for it.

So what can you do?

Well, if I can’t be positive today, I can at least give an attack strategy.  This family is setting up a rural homesteaders legal defense fund.  If they get the township to back down, they will use the money for others in a similar situation.  You can donate here, I already did.  You can also go here, to find the contact information for the township’s leadership.  I suggest a polite, but scathing email to these petty tyrants, whether you choose to donate or not.

Lastly, reach out to others of like mind in these communities, and fight back.  This is a fight for our very way of life, and we need to quit laying back and taking it.  This isn’t about backyard hens or raw milk anymore.  This is about petty tyrants trying to control how we live.  We cannot sit here and let this happen.  Lets stand up and punch these jerks in the nose.  The more victories we win, the easier they become to win.  A snowball effect of freedom.

We need to remember.  None of us stand alone.  Every citizen in a sovereign republic needs to be a sentinel of freedom, for a fight for freedom anywhere is a fight for freedom everywhere.  I am watching, and I am fighting.  Stand with me.