I have officially hit the jump.  I am now in the single biggest in-between period of my life.  I have left my job, to prepare for my move to Kentucky.  I am in the process of leaving my house and my state behind, to start a new and better life in Kentucky.  I have not had such a period of unlimited potential since I have been an adult.  Even when I first moved to Tucson, and I was unemployed for 3 months, there was a tremendous and immediate pressure to get a job.  In a very short period of time, I will be doing that again in Kentucky.  For now, I am in the between phase, and that has given me some time to think.

I have a period of time that I may never have again in my life.  I can literally do anything that I want to.  I want to make use of that time to set the groundwork for our future, rather than just sitting around and watching TV.  Plus if I sit around watching TV for a month I would have to shoot myself out of boredom.  I can learn, I can read, I can build, and I can write.  So I will use it.

When we are caught up in the normal rat race of life, we feel so much pressure to not rock the boat.  We don’t want to upset the delicate balance of whatever it is that we are doing.  We might not like what we do, but dang it, it keeps the roof over our heads.  Why rock the boat?

This leads to a certain sense of fatalism in what we do.  Well, I feel that changing course will disrupt my life forever no matter what I do.  So I am going to “Live today as if it was my last”.  Then we go crazy, go get hammered, spend too much money on a credit card jetting off to the Bahamas, do something stupid, and really do wreck our lives.  So we have naturally concluded that we have to be stuck in the rat race, because if we deviate at all, it will end badly.

That’s stupid.  If we really lived a day like it was our last we would be huddled up in a panicky ball crying in terror with our family.  Because that’s the only rational way to stare death in the face, no matter what crap you believe from TV.  We think that the only way for new growth to occur is for everything else to be burned down around us.  New life can only spring from the remains of everything else.  I don’t want to work in this cubicle anymore, so I am quitting to go be a fishing guide, even though I have never fished before.

Everything is gone, so stuff can grow now.

Everything is gone, so stuff can grow now.

There is a better way, and also, a better catch phrase.  Live each day, as if it was your first.

Everything doesn’t have to burn down around us for us to change something in our lives.  We simply must decide to change.  Rather than igniting the mess that we have created around us and hoping something grows, we can start something new.  Like a seed, we can start an idea.  We can shelter it and nurture it when it is very small.  We can slowly test it and make it stronger as it grows.  When it gets big enough, we can move aside the old, and plant the new idea instead.

New Idea

Living each day like it’s your last, implies that there are no consequences to what we do, when in fact ignoring them can be horrible for us.  Instead we must live each day like it is our first, so we can always take care to leave somewhere better than we found it.  That is the key to freedom, as well as the key to a legacy.