Back in April of this year, I switched to a paleo diet, and saw a plethora of health benefits in myself.  Jenn, who had gone gluten free earlier due to an allergy, also saw a tremendous improvement in her health with the paleo switch.  I documented some of that journey on the first run of postings for this blog, but there was yet another switch to a grain free diet in this house that I have brought up yet.


These little monsters have also gone to grain free food, and the health benefits for them are almost as great as they were for Jenn and I when we switched.  When you stop to think about it, grain doesn’t have anymore place in our pets diet than it does in ours.  In fact it has even less.  Humans are at least omnivores, and can eat both plants and animals.  Dogs are just straight up carnivores.  Although you shouldn’t tell my wiener pug this.  She likes to lay a smack down on some carrots and lettuce.

The transformation was pretty striking in our animals, and was almost on a whim.  After we got our chickens, we started shopping for their feed at a local feed store just down the road.  One day when we needed layer feed, we happened to need dog food as well.  Most of the dog food in the price range we had been paying at Petsmart was grain free at the feed store, so we decided to pick up a bag for them.  They absolutely loved it.

This isn't our brand, but I couldn't find a pic of ours.  This is close.

This isn’t our brand, but I couldn’t find a pic of ours. This is close.

Their health has improved so drastically in the last 6 months its incredible, and I simply had to share.  Our dogs range in age between 9 years old and 13 years old, and you would never know it to look at them.  They bounce around and play like puppies.  Ok, lazy crotchety puppies, but still.

Fur – Their coats have all three improved with the paleo food.  Their coats are softer and even less oily than they were when we switched.

Cloudy eyes – Our oldest dog Maggie had her eyes actually starting to cloud up a few months ago.  We thought she would eventually go blind, which made us very sad.  Since we switched her food, her eyes are as dark brown as they ever were, and she appears to see better.

Gas – Not to go into details, but the dogs have much less gas than they used to.  Our oldest dog especially has cut way down.  Just as it does with humans, wheat does really bad things to your guts.

The other major thing was finickiness.  Between our three dogs, just about every food we had ever gotten would be snubbed by one of them.  Even worse, often one of them could be allergic to it.  At least two of our dogs are allergic to lamb, and it would make them sick.  We could never find a food all 3 would eat happily.  Until the grain free food.  Now our oldest dog Maggie, who used to not eat, likes to go in and clean it all out.  We have to watch that she doesn’t hog it all.

For us the transformation has been remarkable, and well worth it.  By choosing to support a local business instead of the local Petsmart, we have actually saved ourselves money.  The food is about $10-20 cheaper than at Petsmart depending on sales, and the food at Petsmart contained grain.  So just as paleo is the way humans were meant to eat, its also how dogs were meant to eat.  Try it out, watch your dogs improve by the end of the first bag.