There is something humbling about seeing something you have created living on, without any further input from you.  I created this blog way back in April, essentially without any purpose at all, other than my own catharsis.  I was cataloging my journey through the initial stages of a new life.  I had no goal, no purpose, and no direction.

And it showed.

Choices Forward Choices around You

Like a great many homesteaders, I bit off more than I could chew, and I got overwhelmed.  Its so easy when you are standing there with all of the possibilities in the world spread out before you.  I wanted to do a little of everything.  I was incapable of focus.  At first I saw my readership rise, and then trail off.  While anyone can sit here and say they are only writing for themselves, they are lying that whole time.  We all really want to see others reading our words and interacting with us.

So when that didn’t happen, I got discouraged and quit.

So what am I doing back?

Well first, I got a hell of an ego boost last night.  Apparently, at the end of the year, WordPress sends you a summary of how your blog has done in the previous year.  I saw that my busiest day of traffic was in November, when 38 people came on one day.  Which was convenient since I had stopped writing about 5 months before then.  So if people are coming to check me out when I didn’t even have content.  Imagine how it would go if I was contributing.

Second, even more than before, I want to change my life.

Before I was working in a position I didn’t enjoy, with no prospects of escaping.  Now, my wife and I are about to live the adventure that most people only dream of.  In the few months we are going to leave our house here in Tucson, and move to the Pacific Northwest.  I will be unplugging from the retail world, and exploring new employment.  We will be homesteading together in the land that actually looks like God was paying attention when he made it.  We will even be trying to start our own business (or 5).

Does that sound like a dream that you have?

Walk with us then.  Learn from our successes and our failures.  Find other people who are making the same transition as you.  Build resiliency and freedom in your life.  Take that homesteading journey with us.  We are walking the path that others fear to tread, because we know thats where we are meant to walk.  So come with us.