As I mentioned earlier today, after the chickens got larger, we added a roosting shelf for them to sleep on in the evening.  Its four feet long, so the width of the first part of the coop, and about two feet wide to give them space to sleep.  I used a rough frame of 2X4s, then I covered it with the same hardware cloth as the outside to allow poop to fall through.  Its actually quite adorable to see them all tucked up there.  I would take a picture of them, but by the time they bed down, its too dark to see them well.

Roosting Shelf

So here is my shelf, now who can spot whats wrong with it?  That’s right.  As the chickens got older, the poop stopped fitting through the hardware cloth, and builds up in patty form.  So I had the great idea to use as old baby gate that we had laying around the house as a new shelf.  Shelf 2.0 if you will.

Unfortunately, while I maintain it would have been a good idea, the baby gate wasn’t long enough to span where we needed it to go.  So I hosed to shelf off for the hundredth time and put it back.  Next time I might use some of the metal netting I used to keep the chickens off of my saplings.  I worry a little that their legs will fall through and get stuck, so I will have to experiment.  In the short term, your take away from the day is that you should measure a good idea first.