I am sure my dedicated audience was waiting with baited breath for my missing post today.  Well, my normal writing time for today was taken up with some pretty awesome events, which means you will hear about them in the morning.  Yes, sometimes the temporal causality involved with blogging can make my head hurt.  Thats ok though, I shall persevere with my mission.

Not a lot happened today for my paleo journey.  Perhaps I was subconsciously gearing up for my busy Saturday.  We did get our first sprout of the growing season though.  Jenn started some pepper seeds in those little compressed peet pellets. 

We now have our first little guys of spring starting to show up.  I will take some pictures of our actually setup once there is enough growth you can see it on camera.  Now I have some extra motivation to get my hugel bed put in under my raised beds.  I will have some little guys to toss in pretty soon.  We also started some leaf lettuce in a long plastic tray we happened to have laying around.  I generally don’t like leaf lettuce, but I can’t wait to taste it from my own garden.  Everything tastes better when you grow it yourself.

So far the hugel bed under the orange tree is working well.  It still holds moisture really well.  I think our bigger danger now is actually over watering it, not a problem you often associate with the desert.  We have also started watering the Palo Verde trees in our backyard.  Those guys are so water conscious, I swear they are growing more already.  They really know how to take advantage of water when they find it.  For now we are just hosing them down, perhaps we will rig up some rainwater irrigation once we get all our other projects settled.

Paleo Portion:


2 cups of coffee with cream and cane sugar


2 Delicious Homemade cookies

So yesterday I was bad.  I had wheat for the first time in a month.  One of my employees was super kind and brought a plate of cookies his girlfriend made in for all of us to eat.  Which is really nice.  I tried to resist, but I ended up eating two of them.  Now granted, they were really good, and made with a lot of care.  Unfortunately, my body isn’t used to wheat anymore.  I was nauseous with heartburn for about two hours.  I never get heartburn.  Clearly, wheat is not good for us.  I feel so much better when I don’t eat it.


Steak w/ Cajun seasoning

grilled zuchini

grilled onion

salad w/ homemade ranch

Cottage cheese with strawberries

Dinner was awesome.  Not much else needs to be said about that.  We didn’t really do any special cooking, but it really hit the spot.

Weight: 234