Sorry again for the delay in publishing, I simply refuse to get up early enough to allow me to type this up before heading off to the Market on the Move.  Somethings just aren’t worth doing, and losing that much sleep is one of them.  I will recap our market on the move adventure tomorrow.

For today, I definitely had a new experience slither its way across our front lawn.  I saw one of these ..

My 80 year old neighbor knocked on my door last night just as it was getting dark.  Now I have no idea how she was even able to see it from the road, but she helpfully pointed out the snake slithering its way across my front yard.  She is terrified of snakes, and Jenn helpfully pointed out, that she wanted me to kill it.  After calming her down that it was OK, without actually knowing yet, I went to get a closer look.  Not to toot my own horn, but thats a huge step for me.  I used to be deathly afraid of even the mere mention of a snake.  Now I was actually pretty curious.  If more people stopped to think about it, snakes wouldn’t get such a bad rep.

Once I got closer to the snake, I could see he wasn’t dangerous.  First off, his pupils were round.  Venomous snakes always have slitted pupils.  Second, although I only learned this last night, non-venomous snakes have a tail that comes to a point.  Upon closer inspection of the Internet, I learned this little guy is an Arizona Long Nosed Snake.  He is in no way harmful to people, and mostly eats long tailed lizards.  Clearly this is why he was in my yard, as I have dozens of those little buggers running around.

This allowed me to reflect on a few things.  First, snakes are good to have around.  I was actually glad to see this little bugger in my yard.  He can’t hurt me, he can’t hurt my dogs, and my chickens will probably try to eat him.  He helps to keep other pests down, and I would rather have him in my yard than some of the things he eats.  Second, if you want to keep snakes away, keep their food away.  If you don’t want dangerous snakes, don’t allow rats or whatever they eat.  If they have nothing to eat, they will go away.  Lastly, the best way to keep away bad snakes, is to load up with good snakes.  If you find a king snake, bring that bad boy home.  He will love to chow down on rattlers all year for you.  Although I am not a huge fan overall, I have grown enough to appreciate snakes, and how they fit into my new world.

Paleo Portion:


3 strips of bacon

4 eggs

1 cup of coffee with pastured half and half and cane sugar

Jenn absolutely hooked me up this morning.  She got up with my to cook me an awesome breakfast.  I wasn’t hungry all day, and I actually felt like I had energy.  Having a stay at home wife is awesome.  I am a lucky guy.


Sirloin Roast


Once again, that whole lucky guy thing comes into play.  Jenn made a super tasty sirloin roast in the oven, and actually got it to bake, while maintaining a pink center.  I know hotel caterers that can’t pull that off.

Weight: 235.

Although my weight hasn’t changed in awhile, my physical shape continues to lean out.  I am getting thinner and more muscular without having to do anything.